A weird disapproval!

I was about to step for one of the best days of my life. The first book was all set to enter the market. The funny part was the kind of behavior and challenges I got from him and his side during those 15 days. Not victimized but clueless. It was one of the days I imagined and craved for ages. All I got was fights, allegations, queries, assumptions without a tinge of hearty congratulations. There was a realization of being amidst the wrong set of people, thoroughly.

I have seen humans from all the bandwidths, but the kind who tried not to get happy for others bliss was for the very first time.

“I am begging you Shashank. Let’s just stop this for a while. I am decked up with Interviews and meeting people.”

“I want our marriage proposal to be extended. And everyone at my side wants it as soon as possible. Let’s make it fast or end it straight away.”

“I cannot think of anything. You had your dream for two years. I need a month. Can it be too much to ask for?”

“Do whatever you want.”

I broke again. This time unable to collect my pieces as well. My father called up and got an incredible response. The level that he announced the perceptions has changed. No matter how much he fancied Shashank, he announced to break it ASAP. I understood and didn’t utter anything. Two days before the launch I was traumatized. No one was at fault, but I got comfort from the person who I always considered my well-wisher; Abhishek. The kind of pampering I needed from Shashank and our mutuals, I certainly got from my people. Solely mine!

They said they all have a different upbringing. How can anyone be not happy? How can one create problems? How can’t the things run smoother? How can one be questioned irrespective to their failures? The last time I thought about all of them.

The meaning of a brother, a sister, a friend, a well wisher.. everything changed. Yes, it did. Reciprocation will be according to actions. It was unacceptable from ages.

“You have called my girlfriend, characterless.”

“I never said that. I just mentioned if you don’t give time to your girl properly, she might look for options which could extend a kind of comfort which totally okay.”

“You do that. My girlfriend is not like you. It might be acceptable to Shashank for having a person like you, but my girl is not like you.”

“Are you even in your senses? How can it be associated with being called as characterless?”

“Shut up. And keep your words with you. I can take care of my girl.”

It was the last time I gave my opinion to someone for their good considering the on and off’s they have traveled. I was wrong. Few are not worth the care.

The funny part is, I will again be labeled as a person who doesn’t know to maintain the threads. I say, Obviously. I am allergic to bullshit – verbal and even in thoughts. That was also the moment of regaining my lost identity.

The same person who once abused his lovely Shashank has stood against without reasons. Sometimes people should be forgiven for the childish immaturities but should not be forgotten. It can be poisonous in future.

I loved Shashank the reason I took the cowards for a long, long time. But it has now crossed the saturation level. And, I cannot. Even if; I can be situationally enquired, I cannot!

While preparing for the first speaker session
Swatii Chandak


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