Towards the clearances!

We have always had an argument for picking me up from the Airport. Lately, I have realized how he wants me to gather, learn and collect my shit rather depending on people each time. Knowing I am only dependent for my pickup’s and drops, Shashank furiously asked me to come from the airport myself. I was skeptical and hurt. I thought of calling up someone else but didn’t. Again he told me to go to a particular place all alone at 4 in the morning. I was again puzzled. 

With a conscious of his laziness, there came the point where I knew I had to learn the art of traveling without hassles. I was astonishngly curious to do that alone. The reason I have planned a solo trip and looking forward to knowing my take.

Nonetheless, In between the evokes of our misunderstandings, I got to know how my take was always mine without his opinions. How it all started on a good note but declined by our disapprovals. The way we have our chemistry is something I have always loved. But distracting it by any influence can make it impossible. There will be difficulties, but he is not bad. The timing has always been. My overreactions at times with my annoyed gestures.

He has always been a social animal. I don’t wish to change. He doesn’t ask me to get changed as well. But there has to be “US” transformation I am looking forward to in the coming years.

For now, I have this one insecurity present.

“Will he marry me?
If yes, When?”

While moving towards the conclusions
Swatii Chandak



5 thoughts on “Towards the clearances!

  1. what i liked about this article :
    a) belief is “US” transformation. not forcing the partner to change but believing transformation for betterment has to come for both .
    b) how do you perceive the other person’s intention . you can take it as his/her laziness or you can take it as a lesson that he/she want you to learn of being less dependent.

    i have always believed , the less dependent you are the more simple life would be and less hurdles you face or you know how to tackle situations on ur own .
    and i have teaching the same . but sometimes i still do worry about safety (you know what i mean )

    i love you take on life swatii each time you post something..

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    1. Thank yo so much for being one of the constant readers and enthusiasts for a budding author like me. I am much obliged to know your take on my little-stretched hard work in such a positive manner. The one who reads and reviews is surely an asset and in the process of blogging the kind of reciprocations I get from you has come out to be commendable. Appreciated for obvious reasons. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hey swatii.. you have an excellent way of connecting people through your thoughts. and ofcourse writing is yet another powerful tool for conveying your thoughts.. writing also describes the kind of person you are. so thank you very much for appreciating my views as well.. i would love to keep reading your posts very often.. glad my reviews are considered 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much! I am honored. Words are the best tool to communicate considering my inability to be good verbally. This appreciation will surely give me another extended set of wings to fly high-est! Have a great day! ^_^

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