Falling cliffs!

In between the considerations, he spoke once.

“You never stop cringing about leaving me. I feel helpless.”

After a while, I understood how he craved for a kind of security as well. Keeping aside my reasons, being brutal to his point of the story is definitely not fair. Speaking about relationships, they transform you into a different set altogether. There were times when he has cared utmost. Probably by my own cribs, blames and complains, the slit has started falling.

No matter whatever it might be, who so ever is at fault; A bond of two cannot be examined with each one around. It is about two people and will always be about two people. I remember the time when I announced my departure during midnight. Shashank was so helpless, but it didn’t matter. I was a SATAN. Coming to insignificances, I realized the worth of “US” when he traveled places. How I thought my people were never mine, and his were never his.

There was this one instinct when Shashank spoke about his inner self. Laid down some basis and announced

“I know what each one’s take is. I just want your approval of being together. Rest let it be. You cannot contest someone who is adamant. Let them be and keep up your good work.”

I was relieved. The man I dated is surely worth and full of emotions. The kind of considerations and allegations I started were a chance of misunderstanding. I still wonder, what if I would have broken up due to some petty souls, I would have never forgiven my act.

I don’t know how to apologize to him for my aggression, for the words, for the worst past and for shouldering him with loathed of complexities. He has been wrong but probably with my actions as well. We both have been imperfect, but I regret putting him behind the bar of queries each time for someone else’s bullshit.

While moving towards the Valentines,
Swatii Chandak


6 thoughts on “Falling cliffs!

  1. you have always been a tough girl and have seen the world, deeper dynamics of relationships ..having said that. you also know the importance of being together, the “US” part as well as deep emotions that run thru the mind when we seek for reassurance from our partner .relationships are never gonna be perfect in all aspects but then who else would understand your emotion more perfectly than your own partner ..

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    1. How true! I agree to each and every stated point and analyses. The US pat is surely important. People trends to forget and move with their own insights forgetting how difficult it is to follow a routine which includes others as well with proper harmony and orientation.

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      1. Yes swatii when are part of other lives it might be difficult to walk together on the same road but then it is equally important for both to make a journey together besides fights egos emotions …

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