The fight of who is “right”?

It was all beyond that now. I considered myself culprit for Shashank’s aggression at times, for his silence and for his sadness. Undoubtedly it all started after my entry. The time society began to tag me was also the time I introspected with a conclusion. “I am the reason”.

The fight to leave him started again. It is always hard to have that thought yet I practice to make him hate me. Before he moves on due to pressure, I should be the one to stop getting hold of him without putting him in the cage of regret. Love is sarcastic, witty, hurting, miraculous, and stuffy. There is this one guy I clicked with, and I had to move past. The month of love became the month of punishment. I didn’t know the route of life. I never knew how to proceed. I was disheartened and clueless. After getting a break as a scriptwriter, all I was left with were the catastrophic thoughts.

After all, he was never mine. No matter how much I loved him, there will always be a set who should have the first right to take his decisions. Nevertheless, I will always be a home breaker. I can never get over with a tag extended to me.

My faults, my imperfections and my inclinations remained to myself. The stupid mentions where I shall get married to someone stood wrong. I cannot, ever. No matter how much they say we all get married, Shashank would, I cannot.

I have come across a phrase where Love happens once rest is life. I never knew this can be so true. Selecting a life I never wanted is the best punishment I could have given to myself because of the faults of people I should hardly care for…

Let the life begin…
Also the Valentines….

While getting hijacked in the glamorous world,
Swatii Chandak



2 thoughts on “The fight of who is “right”?

  1. I have read a phrase many times “Love is sacrifice”. I always linked it with the negativities of life which meant giving up on things even when you dont want to. But now i have truly imbibed the gyst of it. It means to consciously give up things to ensure the greater and sustainable good of the ones we love. A contradictory thought arises in my mind, what if in the end i get a feeling that i could have had it, had i not given up on it. The simple answer to it is that you did not give up, you consciously made a choice because you love the person more than yourself and let me tell you, ultimately that is what matters, to see the well being of our loved ones and knowing that you are the reason for it, rather than witnessing their sadness and knowing that the reason is same, you!


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