Oh Dear Destiny, Stay with me!

It is miraculous to know how an entry can change individual lives. In between the petty fights, the fact of loving Shashank doesn’t change ever. Consecutively, I fear the day when he could be taken away from me. There is always a question of the existence. Primarily, it is funny to know how someone once a stranger can be so important that he turns near to the breath.

I got an opportunity to be with him for a week, and all I did was staring at him. I wanted to take his odour, feel him totally, look at his activities, love him beyond boundaries, turn crazy like I ever was.

Least did I knew it was all to make it stronger with time and that particular visit. I can be dramatic in front of Shashank, real self, with secrets hidden beneath. I can be stuffed with things, blame him and still run to him for protecting me around his arms.

I stay without words today. Shashank says it depends on destiny. I know how these two and half years have been. He is practical which can never be wrong, but how to funnel the state I am in since all this while. All I could do is pray to the destiny to be around me closely, to have things fall in place.

Once heard, how people stand up even after a fall, I don’t wish to experience that. For that one man I have craved for; being with him turns a necessity with time. Will he choose someone else has always been a question?

For the years to come, where I have imagined a future together…
Please destiny, be with me!

While approaching towards the rose day!
Swatii Chandak


14 thoughts on “Oh Dear Destiny, Stay with me!

  1. Well personally I don’t rely on the destiny for the things to happen and put ball in destiny’s court.. being together is a decision . by us . yes sometimes destiny can play its role but what is that we want is the big question here.. I understand every emotions u presented here. Absolutely..

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    1. Indeed! I agree thoroughly with each word. But there is this one feeling *Love* which can make anyone helpless at any given moment. The times when an atheist can turn into a theist, era when people countdowns begin with senselessness. It is all about life. Love is powerful so is it effects whether pre or post.

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      1. im sure it does.. but what im trying to tell is besides all uncertainties one should not solely depend on destiny .. when love is what binds us together these fear these axieties, can be overcome together ..

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      2. I totally agree. Yet at times after all the hard work it is all about destiny. Believe me! No matter how much one tries to stay together, there has to be one power to make it all work. Experience speaking! 😉

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