Conclusive Propose Day!

It was over. The chase, the trust, the destiny, the smile, the tears, and even the closure. There have been times when I have been a ruckus, almost each time, burdening Shashank with the darkness inside, proving to him and his associates each time, claiming my identity now and then and now making myself not worthy enough for anyone.

I am a daughter. First, the reason any coward step cannot ever be justified, but I have also shared a soul with someone for whom I have become negligent for his own good.

This time I blame myself for asking him repeatedly for the break up’s, for making him aggressive while shouldering him with my circumstances, for leaving proposals for him continuously just to give him time for his educational tenure to complete. For making his life hell, for converting the work trips extending to leisure ones just to visit him, for sitting and staring at him just because he was working, and nevertheless for making him a bad version of himself and never appreciating him in the process. I never appreciated him.

I wish to lock myself in the room, be in bed and cry all day for the evil witch I have been. But how to answer the queries of my parents whose life revolves around mine.

After being a pain to each one’s life, I decided to stop contacting each one. This Propose Day, Dad sat near me just to extend another proposal thinking my happiness. Who knew if it was right or wrong, but here I have extended the chance for someone to claim me from my parents. A dreamy Priyanshi turned out of dreams.

Without mentions, her story got over. Love is never to chase. And, I stopped mine thereon.

I never wished for a fairy tale, but some stories are never to be completed. Sadly I am a claimed property. It is not about the optimism each time, nor about happy endings, it can never be about fights, nor about insecurities. A defective me has sailed, and I know the happiness each one will have. I, at this moment, let the pessimism prevail to rise up again.

I have hit rock bottom and, the good thing about it is, there will only be one way, the way to bright skies and dreamy clouds. Someday, the lost soul will be back with a bang. Till then, this chapter ends for each one’s happiness.

Signing from the tale of Priyanshi and Shashank,
Swatii Chandak


6 thoughts on “Conclusive Propose Day!

    1. Hey Payal!
      It is a moment of sheer bliss to get the insights for my blog. Thank-you so much. Stay connected. Great to have come across you in this lifetime. May the blogs keep on flourishing the friendship.

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