90 days, 90 frames!

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien,

Rightly said! We are always decked up with the inspiring travel stories from the corners of the world but experiencing makes it all the more distinct. I know one of my closest friends taking up this challenge amidst the worldly nuances of studies, corporate life, and daily zig zags. Hardcore Electronics Engineer of BITS, Pilani took a turn after working with Texas Instruments (Bangalore) for two years almost. The turn was none other than Common Admission Test (CAT).

Well, the adventurous plot starts right from there. The gateway of IIM Bangalore introduced different chapters including the synchronization of culture, fests, emotions and travel trips. An unusual blend of Exchange programs has been an integral part all this while. The popularity of Exchange programs has inculcated the soul and the hunger of travelers. Someone mentioned correctly; the heart gets what it wants.

Here, Praful Parakh was all set to conquer the other world with this rendezvous journey of laughter, memories, tears, friendships and drama. Praful mentions how the trip became one terrific treasure which can never be stolen no matter what come may! While rekindling the thoughts, Europe is more than a continent; It changed him while adding its tinge of charisma.img_20161201_214754-1-copy

The trip came as a relaxation from one heck of a schedule yet introducing a different level of a rush but satisfactory. It all kicked off with the Ibiza Boat Party. The freedom and independence inevitably take the toll of all the boredom. The fun gets a different definition right from the very start. And, when we talk about the traveler beneath, treks can never get an ignorance. The peak and the curvature of Trolltunga still manage to give Praful an extravaganza of loathed memories. He shares the free walking tours of the city, thanks to Sandeman.

Also, Witnessing Andy Murray Paris ATP Finals was one bliss he got with his entire group. Some other mentions in the line are Beer Cart and Thermal Baths of Budapest, Geothermal Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Christmas Markets, Octoberfest in Munich, Vatican City, and Roman History, Venice the lost city, and Game of Thrones at Croatia. Well, the list goes on. Meanwhile, the photographer in him got a boost with the inexpressive beauty making his long lost Facebook page getting another start. Frames! He introduced the concept of 90 days and 90 Frames. What a treat it was to look at the world through his camera lenses.


Did I mention about the number of countries? Well to my complete surprise the results gave me the zeal to plan a backpacking trip soonest. 21 countries, 49 cities in 90 days. Inspiring. One of his friends Ankan Dey covered 26 countries with more than 70 cities. I am still wondering what did they eat to keep themselves this active.img_20161207_055443

Coming on the inside stories of the tour; it gets hilarious the way they narrate. The budget was one concern without slaughtering the party mode. And, these future leaders managed in their particular ways. Praful remembers one of the instances where his flight from Croatia was scheduled during the morning hours. Due to some of the virtual time lapse, he reached during midnight. Rather than splashing some 2000 bucks, he took a train for 2 hours, only to hop on it again after 15 minutes of departure to the same place. An essential to-fro awarded him with the sleep of four continuous hours, also, an additional place to sleep, eat and refresh before taking the flight to Vienna. (He thanks the EURAIL pass for the same). Also, the time he almost traveled to another country for a hairdo. The future consultant surely knows the places to be economical without spending heaps uselessly. Ankan shares their midnight hideouts at Mc Donalds. Booking a room for a matter of 5 hours is surely not a good idea. Either sleep while eating at a restaurant, walk on the roads or take a train only to reach the required place at the exact time. Surely a mantra to all the travelers.img_20161030_145620-copy

While sharing the experiences, Praful undeniably mentions how he missed the sense of connectivity. No matter how much Europe has to offer in an exchange program, an identity seems to vanish. “I was nothing without my visa. I had to keep it close for those 90 days. India is home. Proving identity time and again is not the requirement here.” He unforgettably focusses the times of Durga Puja and Diwali which brought nostalgia back then. The family was an another part they missed, but the friendships they had all this while got it all the way stronger and life long. The trip has its bundle of joys and experiences. One such experience is worth to be shared in life. Signing off with Praful, Ankan, Anish, Abhijit, Soham, Juhi, Rasham, Nikhil, Aditya, and others.


If you wish to enquire further about the insights of the trip; feel free to drop a query on praful.parakh@gmail.com. It is insanely inspiring to know the daily excitements and challenges of these fantastic set of future managers. What are you waiting for? Start backpacking! I am already planning a road trip to Burma with such a boost!

All the love from Pinkcity

Swatii Chandak


3 thoughts on “90 days, 90 frames!

  1. Excellent again. We always make an excuse of not finding time to travel amidst the rat race of 9-5 corporate life . I have always been travel enthusiast and love exploring different parts of the world. My next plan is 5 yrs 5 countries. This inspires me more to that idea. Oh BTW I’m also post graduate from Bits pilani working in IT firm haha.thanks swatii

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    1. Ohh nice! I have heard BITS is an amazing college. Praful keeps reminiscing the memories. His travel stories definitely inspires. No matter wherever he is, a trip seems must come what may. I am looking forward to my part of trips as well. Mostly, poking Praful will be a good option! ^_^

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