Music with a literary bend – Samarth Swarup

From a Youtube sensation to a family’s pride; from a scholar to a musician; from a traveler to a literature enthusiast; It turned a sheer bliss while meeting an inspiration to millions – “Samarth Swarup.”  He undoubtedly mentions how the readers have a majestic taste for good music. Without a training in classical, he vibrates the notes as they claim to be his own. Apparently, while hearing one of his symphonies, raining clouds made us wonder if he had hit one of the vocals of Raag Malhaar. Nonetheless, Applauded by Sonu Nigam for his musical chords, this rising star got the award as Shaan-e-Rajasthan by the Governor. He also has recognitions on the wall of fame at the premium platforms. Impressively, he defined music extending another foresight.

They feel music horizontally, where as I see it with different layers vertically.

He shares how literature is celebrated all around the world with different art forms. Specifically in the shape of music at the end. Drenched in words for all day long, the poetry musician creates with finely-tuned words departs the heaviness while infusing the thoughts with a spectrum of insights. He celebrates music as his soul.

samar c1.jpg

The 22-year-old Potterhead who has an enchanting overview towards everything whatever comes his way, embarked his career as a guitarist in the Year 2008. Reminiscing about the memories where it all started, he chuckles and speaks the journey of magic;

“I was one of the students in the audience at Birla Auditorium (Jaipur).  Since I was the only one with a guitar with certainly no singer around at that particular moment, I started singing “Saanwariya” while playing. The considerable amount of fear to get bullied overcame as soon as I started. The applauds of that day are still one of the prime reasons for performing continously.”

Claiming himself a learner of various genres, he is one J.K. Rowling fan dreaming the world of Fantasy. Talking about the people who creates a ruckus, he educates us of having a Pensieve with a memory extraction spell. Though, speaking of his reading journey which has mainly been the videos more than the books, he asks the entire society to grasp the art of literature while focussing and reviving the essence thereon on this world book day.

Coming on to the different bend in the artistic fields, he mentions how the world has got fancier rather than lucrative. Be it literature, traveling, music, painting or anything for that matter, he is an enthusiast of what come may. Claiming himself to be an introvert, he isn’t an anti-social creature rather a sweetened berry with his own territory.

samar c3.jpg

He speaks how life turned upside down after his brother’s sudden death right after we asked him his inspiration. The carefree and highly jovial Samarth turned to a responsible and caring version in his own distinct vibrations – His mother mentions. Samarth Swarup’s mother had a different vision all the way of how charismatic her son has been all this while.

She remembers how it came as a sudden happy shock for the family when they came across his videos for the first time. He wrote some beautiful poetry as well as dedicated to each member of the family. His own composition “Teri Yaadien” is also one of the self-turned poetry composed in a song.

The first original – he blushes.

Samarth’s mother enlightened us with another door, where he has written a total of eight poems waiting to be produced with the music. A pool of talent this young chap surely is! There was nothing better than this day to meet a poetry lover, also, a creator of music. Gaurii and I were privileged enough to meet the other members of the family unveiling different versions of their individual charms. Samarth’s grandfather has one of a kind of attractions with the camera. Being one of the few members of British Photographic Society, he showed different filters with a camera of the century where apertures and flashlights had a clear route all the way. With inspirational travel stories, to the treasure, he shared with us, came as a complete surprise in its nth beautiful ways. Samarth’s father is yet another inspiration; not only an educationist but a successful businessman with such intact family.

samar c4.jpg

Talking about the stepping jealousy of people with success, he immediately recalls how his 93 percent in Grade 12 became a talk of the town while demanding proves. Satisfied souls surely have a knack to lift up their confidence with head high. Unless the society comes up with a demeaning set of sinners who can never stop intervening. Definitely, Pensieve seems a good option (Potterhead strikes again). Undoubtedly, the young talent taught a keyword of life today.

Coming on to the field of the symphony, he shares the era of mashups and covers gaining popularity all around the globe. This future star undeniably focusses on the biases he hardly caters. Apparently a gentle soul with dreams outcasting the optimism. Though he is comfortable with anything until it is not negative.samar c2.jpg

In between the chit chats of life Samarth gave the bits of the work life through a different angle. He was at a concert recently in one of the West regions. Right after the show got covered, a group of 150 hijacked him for selfies and autographs. Needless to say, the suffocation took him with a known surprise.

Calling himself as a general open category, he doesn’t believe in differentiating amidst caste. Blessed with a lovely baby sister, he also has a critic expert in one of his best friends of 7 years.

Towards the end, while touching the points of exploitation, he shares an incident with a  worry line. No matter how sweet and helpful one tries to be, people suck the blood to the last ounce. Rightly said. Same is the case where Samarth’s helping nature is often taken as a key to ask for more to the point of taking advantages to rising the ladder of success.

Look what Samarth has to say:

After such an insightful day with Samarth’s welcoming aura full of warmth, this day shall definitely be remembered. Happy world book day, readers.IMG_6396.JPG

While savoring the delicious coleslaw sandwiches made by Samarth’s mother,
Swatii Chandak


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