Art on the Metro Tracks – Cartist!

What a sheer bliss Friday afternoon offered. A word of thanks to Himanshu Jangid – Founder of Cartist for extending a fantabulous opportunity to the artists of Pinkcity. Lazying around the day when my eight years younger best friend came rushing just to take me for fun filled metro ride with the blend of art, the instincts knew the transformation of the upcoming hours would be memorable. And, Instincts are never wrong.


The another page turner day in the chapter of life was to experience one of it’s kind of Art on the Metro Tracks. The first ever ride from Sindhi Camp Metro Station to Mansarovar was a curious one. The curiosity reached a certain level when we were some countable steps away from the venue. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the soulful artistic arrangement. The platform could be transformed to such a bright aroma is yet unidentifiable to me. Nonetheless, The very first artist our eyes caught made us wonder if the talent like him is onboard, we are surely here to have some unforgettable experiences. I have heard how charcoal can leave you speechless, but the trick of correct usage undeniably adds the charm.

Artist Sant created this piece in minutes!

This guy’s carefree strokes with colors kept me in deep thoughts of how beauty speaks in art. Volume does not hide beneath the piles of sheets but the passion instead. Believe me, the more you meet such intriguing souls, the more you understand the meaning of better seconds in unexplored corners of life. And, from there on the path to serendipity strikes. Well, some creations of the same artist.

Artist Sant’s creation with his fantabulous master strokes!

Amidst the crowd, I met another creator. In the corner shyly working on her piece of beautiful art. I was awestruck with the conclusion. She, in fact, handed me her piece of art as a treasure. Such a fantabulous gesture from Artist Neelu Kanwaria. Extending a sheet of self-created art inevitably requires a lot of courage as a chunk of soul stays in the passion put forth. I was the happiest to be able to get something worth cherishing for life. Here is the art piece!

Artist Neelu Kanwaria with her beautiful creation!

The founder Himanshu has been doing amazing work in restoring vintage cars. The idea dwelled during the practice, and his one great thought gave a platform to budding artists. He has also taken the initiative of creating spellbound walls around the city. His concepts are appreciated to the levels where he became a part of the platforms like Resurgent Rajasthan and Jaipur Literature Festival.

A Glimpse of the journey!

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-03 at 11.01.31 PM.jpeg
A group of artists right in front of another piece of art by Cartist!

Another one from the whole lot, Akanksha Agarwal‘s jovial musical beats transformed the environment taking us to a parallel yet serene world. The more I grooved to the beats, the more I was drenched in her style of abstract art. Suave and secure in her own skin, I adored the way she focussed and enjoyed the piece of her art form.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-03 at 11.01.29 PM.jpeg
Artist Akanksha Agarwal with her enchanting piece of art!

Not to forget, one of the budding talents took me by sheer surprise. The passion she embarked surely made me proud. A proud elder!

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-03 at 11.01.28 PM.jpeg
Artist Pallavi with her piece of art

And, finally, I got an opportunity to award myself with a click. Though I am not blessed with such a talent but witnessing the lot who endure it, certainly gave me goosebumps. Pinkcity surely has a lot to offer. I am blessed to be a part of the such a race.


Awaiting such different concepts shortly. Thank you so much, Himanshu and the entire team of Cartist! You all succeeded to create a monotonous afternoon artistic.

Signing off with the hopes to have another such ride soon-est,
Swatii Chandak

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