Coffee Club – “Aggression”

“Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”

What a ravishing start to the day!

Stating the current scenario in the intriguing world, emotions have developed a precise definition all the way. To share one of such for each meet, Sir Rahul Hemraj – A columnist (writer) and a motivational speaker, initiated the concept of conversations over a cup of steaming coffee.img_6426

It all began with a general discussion of initials combining professions we all are a part of, further moving towards the topic for the day. “Aggression.”

I was nearly stumped to meet the entire lot with experiences worth hearing; triggering my mind and channelizing the thought processes accordingly. The pleasant conversation took off from the exact route of dividing the brain into stages by Sir Vivek Sharma. Although the brain comprises 2 percent of the entire body system, the proper functioning requires near about 20 percent of the blood. There is also a bracket of 6 seconds which could evoke anyone thereon, if not handled correctly.img_6419

Sir Manish Dhariwal broke the ice while sharing the concept of aggression being an integral part of each phase. While sharing his example, he stated the points where lack of aggression can make the game of tennis monotonous if not taken positively to a certain extent. There is always a line between getting angry and being aggressive. Thoughts need to be grouped together consistently. He further mentioned;

It is not about conquering the anger rather handling.

With the rounds, each one got a chance to put forth their ideologies. It was such a treat to get along with people having high-end intellectual sharing of the thought processes. Ankit took the conversation to a different level with a literary bend while introducing Munawwar Rana; lightened the intense discussion for the time being.


There were topics raised with Indian and modern age, the changes in ideation, leadership styles and much more. Sir Rahul shared the primary aspect of misinterpreting information with knowledge. Sir Nitesh Kumar added some worthy points; Not all can excel, individuality should be appreciated; was one outstanding remark.

Meanwhile, a glimpse;

While summing up the conversation, we bid adieu only to catch up again in the coming month for another mind awakening discussion.

Until we meet again,
Swatii Chandak


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