The moments are momentary!

Yes, the heart sank knowing the reality of not standing beside him on his cherished day.  I wanted to shed the tears grieving the distance rather chose to make the entire day a hefty ride.

While expressing the wrenching separation, I searched if I am considered valuable enough to be the part of his marked dates of celebration. Sadly I wasn’t.

Perhaps he wished but couldn’t. This makes me introspect the failed reasons to accomplish a wish. How much of a sorry behavior can a self-created world transform? According to me, it is immeasurable!

While coming across the classic love stories concerning the failed visions attaining impromptu heights of vulnerability, I feel how that one positive step could have created wonders.

And, sharing a back step in the century of altered modernization makes me realize that things are yet the same with a slight difference. A fraction of that age where you cannot compare the helplessness.

I met my fate owing to the alterations, adjustments, suppressions, clots, and depressing notions. Here starts the agony, I wonder what day and date it might continue.

Blessed are the ones where a new phase of life brings harmonious relationships with the tinge of ecstatic and additional freedom. I am yet to figure the irony coupled with unrecognized love.

I wish wishes reach the wished destination rather than slaughter in the name of fakely soothing adjectives. I wish taking a stand gains respect without fading the important occassions and necessary memories. I wish, a wish is heard soon enough before breaking the pure. I just WISH!

Actually, a fate it is, with the lost hopes of blurred identification.

To one sad memory added while suppressing the desire,
I know this is just the first page,
Swatii Chandak


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