The very first step towards achieving a True Love;

Aren’t we aware of the complications inside a true and charismatic relationship? Well, let me lay down some of the check pointers.

Amidst watching a movie, hearing a lyrical tune,  a saga of lovey dovey romance; all we get is a proper rhyme with some uncontrollable anxiousness to be followed. These pretty disruptive illusions tend to take you away from the real love you have for the person. These hallucinations give some tiresome rides than ever.

Followed are some signs where in you should hold yourself if you have put in into a relationship for the time rather than thrashing it apart due to some minor misunderstandings. The issues are part and parcel of life. How you recoil amidst such nuances is what the need of the hour.

Who are we to decide the limitations of a True Love?

No matter where you meet, how far you must’ve stayed, what is your relationship quotient, and whatever are the takes. No matter how much you have fought, without him/her the ruckus seems to have no point. The mess is beautiful if the beloved is together, depends on how one has a perception towards it. Some might feel it a chain, others might know how the other one has been naked with the thoughts because of the rights. And, remember if you sow the seeds of a relationship it has to come through all the times no matter how hard it will be because you hold on to each other in the world of slaughtering loyalty. You might get better ones but what about the vows you took to pass all the thick and thins? Rather than revisiting it with someone new, try and restart it with the one you have actually been compatible with all this while. Leaving can never be a solution. Relationships have to be nurtured rather than dying a fatal death.

It is not a bottle of your favorite detox which will get you all the shimmers instantly but eventually after working constantly figuring out mistakes and resolving. The more you stick during a hard time is what defines and measures the true love for eternity, in the days to come.

It is when you grow up. The maturity hits with you to stay rather depart.

And even if there are growing differences why do people choose to leave for conveniences. And if a couple is not meant to be, it is only because of the lack of efforts. Love has the power to cross each hurdle and ocean. Depends on what, why and how is your take. ❤

While strengthing the love all over again
Swatii Chandak


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