A love letter before the actual one!

Hey honey,

I am literally not leaving you by any chance; hence here I strike again. We keep on clinging to each other than miserable and heartbreaking fall apart — carrying lives after lives. Nonetheless, I am conclusively approaching towards my 27th birthday in June and the counterpart somewhere in this year might have turned or will turn 27. Do I know the intensity of love we carry for each other? Was it always the same or gets stronger with the tests of the time?

Let’s assume regardless practicality that Time, Love, and Emotions are cosmic; in that case, I can aptly put in the assumptions as logical considering; I have, from all my senses and inhibitions, only loved you – Will continue till eternity.

The structure and the outer cast you have adopted in this century is extremely attractive and this why I might have had a strong liking for you but certainly not the reason for loving you intensely.

Your Kindness, Honesty, and Adventurer spirit uplifts the charisma of those in contact with you at any given point of time. Utterly drenched in your presence this is again not the reason for loving you intensely. Your scuffles ring my own battles, which indirectly makes me understand the meaning of being empathetic while plowing directly to my traits. I am certainly turning to be more alarmed of the existence and lives, but here again, this is certainly not the reason for loving you intensely.

The basic ideation extended to love is not magical rather the constructs, fluids, and positive reactions of mind, body, and soul. It is not about the fulfillment of desires, being idealistic, and making breakfasts. It is about making your way back to each other no matter how many times you fall apart. It about that one time when you held my hand virtually to call it yours. It is about the tantrums we both take to deal with our own circumstances. It is never about the fights but the places where we take a refuge in each other. I do find it in you, I think you are on the same page too.

And, today honey, I extend to you this truth: Believe me, I love you because I know nothing of that sort. Because I am naive and someone who has not taken lessons to hold on with extreme wit and chances while becoming idealistic. I have flaws so do you. I love you because no matter how much we blame those flaws we owe them while taking the responsibilities for both. I have surrendered myself to you because you are that home I craved for; I don’t love you because of conveniences as there isn’t any, I love you because of comfort we are for each other even in those inconveniences.

Do I want to be pretended as a happy couple? No! I wish to have a tag for the Couple who never gave up no matter how much the Fate tried to pull down.

Separations are a myth because we cannot be separated; they say it is all written; Yes, it is, it is written in our favor. We have traveled a long way love, there must have been a reason for it. I love you because I love it when you shout with that right, make me understand without a lyrical rhyme, cut the call abruptly, stop talking but hideously think about me with insanity. It is a range in the moment, not life; And, I have known this. I don’t need a healer when I have you. I love you because we understand each other more during the darkness. I love you because when one amidst us fall weak the other one without an expression takes the baggage on the shoulders representing both. I love you because you and I make a faulty yet glowing us.

We might hate each other at particular hours but that is only to make us understand how the world turns lifeless during the same hours. The expectations might have ruined a long pause but eventually, we have better things to focus on; these are just the little demons in the way reflecting our unhappy gestures.

Fate is the cruelty which stars extend to us, while Destiny is how we kick it off to make the life worth it. Fate is a bully, while Destiny a friend. You are a part and no one can ever ignore that. We might have been the best or the worst but we stayed irrespective of the slaughter. And, I know our togetherness will result in goodness somewhere after the countable years.

I love you because you make me a better being and I would be glad if I have ever contributed a part of happiness and contentment in yours.

Conclusively, I have rediscovered both of us for better in the process of searching for love.

With all my might
From a Lover, a Friend, and a Healer
Swatii Chandak



3 thoughts on “A love letter before the actual one!

  1. swatiiii… reading your blog is always a pleasure .
    when you love someone so truly , no matter how many times you fight, no matter how many times misunderstanding creeps in , you always look to reconcile and never give up .. lovely post..


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