My share of bliss! – Meri Gudiya!

We don’t talk often, we are not sisters by birth, she isn’t around all the time, yet she is home which I look for other than my Parents!

“They say we look alike – I cannot agree more! Even, I cannot express my happiness more!”

I met Gudiya long before I met Praful (my fiance). The transformation in societal tags have changed but the essence of friendship is growing. Relationships name her to be my sister-in-law yet she is my friend more. Be it from cuddly advice, to fights, to drama, to stupidities, to food, and to rituals, I talk to her regarding my insecurities to securities. Standing by an unknown figure is hard yet she makes sure to never leave a place by my side. What else can I ever ask for?


She is younger to me, more like a child, yet matured beautifully in her own shell and freedom (Lucky Sourav). She is lullaby which a child craves for, a smile which a boyfriend looks for, a lyric which a composer is awarded for, a flavor which is the necessity of each delicacy, a moisturizer to dry/rude behavior, she is a breeze during hot sweaty summer, and a cute little Pooh who has her own invisible wand showering love.


More than I am happy to have Praful, I am much excited and happy to have her for life. It is always a comfort to be around her. The love I get when she cooks and the mesmerizing dishes she surrounds me with. I can demand, ask, cry, and throw my inhibitions, yet she manages to remain non-judgemental, free of any taunts, free from any spark of pessimism. I have never been this expressive to tell the world around, how much she means to me! I guess today is the day where I can shout out with a distinct wavelength along with a birthday song, a lot of tears of missing, and all the hugs for uncountable upcoming birthdays;

You have always been special in each and every way, and getting married on the same date with a different year makes it all the more special with you. I have never even managed to say this to anyone else other than ma baba! But, you are home! And, I feel like I have a sister, a friend, a charmer, which I always wished for! Lots and Lots of love!


A not-so-bhabhi; but a wholesome di
Swatii ❤


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