O’ Woman


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Here goes the article!

I am no social curator to distinguish the disguised norms of the society.

But here facing the wither emotions beneath the glorious of all the preposterous smiles, has certainly camouflaged the entire subsequent idea.

Talking about the infinite questions starting with WHY, WHO, WHOM has jolted me with some irrelevant contexts thereafter. And, who will not be dismayed irrespective of gender idiosyncrasies.

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Wedding Bells

There is never too late to get married but too soon if you get hitched with Mr. Wrong.

It is the transformation one awaits and believes it to be immensely beautiful. When with each and every step you take forward there is a hope of having a heavenly future in accordance with past and present.

A relationship which would complement the comfortability levels same as butter and a slice of bread. No matter how frustrating you turn, he’ll love you in his n `number of different yet special ways. Continue reading

Love Unplugged-II

Love is toying atrociously and still remembering that the person by your side is not compelled to do anything.

– It’s honor.

Love is blemish in yourself not pestering you.

-It’s acquiescence.

Love is overlooking up an opportunity just to wait for the apt time

-It’s forbearance.

Love never demands a sorry and a thank you. A simple gesture is enough to change the whole mood

-It’s ecstasy

Love is a back massage that starts above the hairline, which is as pure as this emotion and ends around the insoles.

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Music and lyrics  

Music is that one spice which always adds flavour to all the ingredients depicting the emotions of life.

A moment even has a capability to slaughter the identity or fabricate the existence in a flash of a second with such a way that one is unable to describe the feeling in own words. That’s when, switching to music seems to be apt amongst all, in the innovated/suggested to-do-list. Continue reading

Traditional v/s Online Book Stores

As digital alternatives arise, physical processes seem less efficient. This theory certainly has consequences that extend far beyond the literary community, but these days technology is becoming the defining factor in how books are published, distributed, bought, lent and sold. And as digital publishers become more adept at leveraging these innovations, brick-and-mortar booksellers are nearing a point at which they could have to fight for the very survival of their market segment. Continue reading

Socializing – boon or bane?

Socializing is one of the most important factors to communicate and to build up contacts – professional or personal. It assists in developing insights and a support to get accustomed to various thoughts and contrasting mind sets. An entrepreneur acquires an idea of the target market (needs and wants), a customer will explore through various sellers to examine various pros and cons. Moreover, an individual can easily re – unite to kindergarten friends, within seconds, even if one has not grabbed a golden chance to meet in ages. Continue reading