Music with a literary bend – Samarth Swarup

From a Youtube sensation to a family’s pride; from a scholar to a musician; from a traveler to a literature enthusiast; It turned a sheer bliss while meeting an inspiration to millions – “Samarth Swarup.”  He undoubtedly mentions how the readers have a majestic taste for good music. Without a training in classical, he vibrates the notes as they claim to be his own. Apparently, while hearing one of his symphonies, raining clouds made us wonder if he had hit one of the vocals of Raag Malhaar. Nonetheless, Applauded by Sonu Nigam for his musical chords, this rising star got the award as Shaan-e-Rajasthan by the Governor. He also has recognitions on the wall of fame at the premium platforms. Impressively, he defined music extending another foresight. Continue reading


90 days, 90 frames!

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien,

Rightly said! We are always decked up with the inspiring travel stories from the corners of the world but experiencing makes it all the more distinct. I know one of my closest friends taking up this challenge amidst the worldly nuances of studies, corporate life, and daily zig zags. Hardcore Electronics Engineer of BITS, Pilani took a turn after working with Texas Instruments (Bangalore) for two years almost. The turn was none other than Common Admission Test (CAT). Continue reading