Curtain Call by Rafaa Dalvi

In the contemporary world where Indian Authors are entirely inclined towards same plot defining conspiracies, hate, and senseless drama; Rafaa Dalvi introduced 20 refreshing bifurcations of Genre Fiction in a brilliant compilation Published by Half Baked Beans.

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Book Review: The Calling (By Priya Kumar)


The first attempt to read one of the books on Genre – Motivation; leaving me spellbound and intrigued. No matter how much we have read or in the process; the thirst to read could quench a lot of desires in parallel while uncomplicating a variety of insights, perceptions, and routes. The same I felt with this written saga of 142 pages (approximately). Link to the purchase! – Continue reading

Book Review: My Gita- Devdutt Patnaik

‘My Gita’ is equivalent to disclosure. A clarification that emphasis on the philosophy more than tagging as a historic one. If studied *The Bhagavad Gita* ever, one can find Illustrations, wince but remembering it is his take. Having slight knowledge about the actual book can also be a valid reason to pick this one up for gulping the much broader perspectives, Ongoing era, and the mold of philosophy regarding the entire saga while encircling Hinduism.
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