Conclusive Propose Day!

It was over. The chase, the trust, the destiny, the smile, the tears, and even the closure. There have been times when I have been a ruckus, almost each time, burdening Shashank with the darkness inside, proving to him and his associates each time, claiming my identity now and then and now making myself not worthy enough for anyone.

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Towards the clearances!

We have always had an argument for picking me up from the Airport. Lately, I have realized how he wants me to gather, learn and collect my shit rather depending on people each time. Knowing I am only dependent for my pickup’s and drops, Shashank furiously asked me to come from the airport myself. I was skeptical and hurt. I thought of calling up someone else but didn’t. Again he told me to go to a particular place all alone at 4 in the morning. I was again puzzled.  Continue reading

A weird disapproval!

I was about to step for one of the best days of my life. The first book was all set to enter the market. The funny part was the kind of behavior and challenges I got from him and his side during those 15 days. Not victimized but clueless. It was one of the days I imagined and craved for ages. All I got was fights, allegations, queries, assumptions without a tinge of hearty congratulations. There was a realization of being amidst the wrong set of people, thoroughly. Continue reading